Root Canals

Root canals have a reputation for being painful. With the proper care, this is no longer the case. Advanced dental technologies and the experience of Dr. Hammoud have made a root canal procedure as stress- and pain-free as possible here at Hammoud Family Dental.

How do you know if you need a root canal? Are you having recurring discomfort with a tooth? Do you have severe pain when you chew and apply pressure to it? Is your tooth sensitive to hot or cold? Is there swelling, tenderness, or a bump on the gums near that tooth? If so, saving your tooth may require a root canal procedure.

The “root canal” is actually the word used to describe the hollow space that is in the center of the tooth. A root canal procedure removes the nerve (which may be dead if infected) of the tooth. Once the area is cleaned and properly prepared, the tooth is protected with a crown or filling that will save the tooth to avoid complete removal.

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