A crown is a dental restoration used to strengthen or improve the appearance of a tooth. This a restoration procedure that covers, or caps, a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size. A crown can be placed for a number of reasons such as support when there isn’t enough tooth remaining (large existing failing fillings), to restore a fractured tooth, to cover badly shaped or discolored teeth, and to restore a dental implant.

Getting a crown involves two simple office visits. First, Dr. Hammoud will prepare the tooth by removing the outer portion of your tooth to make room for the thickness of the crown. This is followed by an impression that is used to provide an exact model of the prepared tooth. This impression is then sent to the dental laboratory where your crown is fabricated. While the permanent crown is being made, a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth.

When the permanent crown is ready, Dr. Hammoud will remove the temporary crown and make any necessary adjustments required to fit your bite. When you are happy with the appearance, the crown will be cemented into place. And that’s it! A beautiful and strong smile thanks to a custom-made crown.

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