Emergency Dental Services  

Where do you turn if you have a toothache on the weekend and your dentist’s office is closed? It may not be serious enough to warrant an ER visit, but you sure don’t want to wait until Monday.

Have no fear. We’ll be here for you. If you need dental emergency services, call (248) 851-2980 and follow the prompt to speak with our dentist directly. Although our office keeps regular hours with limited weekends, Dr. Hammoud will frequently come in even on the weekends or holidays if you are experiencing a dental issue that can’t afford to wait.

Whether you are a new or existing patient, Dr. Hammoud can help you in a pinch. The longer you wait before seeing a dentist, the worse your situation could get. If you are in a lot of pain and feel that your situation is urgent, call us right away. We even have financing options available to help those without dental insurance. Our goal is to provide you with a welcoming environment where you feel as comfortable as possible, no matter how serious the dental issue.

Pain-Free Dentistry for Your Peace of Mind

Our goal is to make you feel relaxed every time you walk in and more confident every time you walk out. To learn more about our Pain-Free Dentistry and IV Sedation, click on the button below.

Healthy Smiles Blog

In addition to regular dental appointments, being armed with knowledge can provide you with all the support you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Explore our posts to arm yourself.